A Fort Hood soldier continues to worry about his family in Puerto Rico who are still without power and running water after Hurricane Maria slammed the island weeks ago.

As of Tuesday, three weeks after Maria hit Puerto Rico, 84 percent of the island still had no power. Also, a third of the island's population did not have access to safe drinking water.

Sergeant Emmanuel Ortiz, a member of the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Detachment, said he did not expect the terrible damage to his home island. He told Channel 6 he remembers growing up and living through hurricane after hurricane.

Ortiz finally had a chance to speak with his family about two weeks after the storm. He said his mom found a hill where she could get cell service.

His family is safe, but they are going to the gas station to help power their generator.

But it's still a desperate situation for water. The Ortiz family has been going to specific areas to pick up drinking water.

"They try to go wherever they can to find water, bottles of water, stuff like that. Because my family, they live near, next to rivers. They kind of use that, disinfect, boil it, and they wash and shower with that water," the Fort Hood soldier explained.

Ortiz said he would like to fly there to help his family, but his job at Fort Hood is keeping him busy.