A 1st Cavalry brigade from Fort Hood on Friday honored three fallen soldiers who died during deployment in 2016.

The Wagonmasters brigade memorialized those killed in a November 12 suicide bombing in Afghanistan that made international headlines.

Many soldier lined up to hug and shake the hands of the families members of the fallen soldiers, who died in the attack at Bagram Airfield. There was a heartfelt tribute to SFC Allan Brown, SSG John Perry and PFC Tyler Iubelt. The families of Perry and Brown joined the Wagonmasters as they placed a framed photo of the soldiers on the Hall of Honor.

It was especially moving to see Perry's young daughter Lena and son Gavin receiving a long line of soldiers in tribute to their dad. Specialist Robert Healy, who was severely injured in the blast, shared a few words about his friend John Perry.

"Some guys go by the book, but you could tell with him it just came natural," SPC Healy said. "He was able to get down with you on a personal level and you knew what he was telling you came from the heart."

Commander Chris Colavita said there were two memorial services at Bagram. It has been a difficult road for the soldiers still recovering from the bombing, but the commander called them warriors and said they were continuing to fight to get back on the battlefield.