Fort Hood may receive more money to improve facilities in the upcoming 2017-18 national budget.

Richard Kidd, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Strategic Integration, said the funding affects not only Fort Hood, but other Army facilities across the country as well.

Kidd told Channel 6 the Army reduced all funding for infrastructure a few years ago, and allocated those funds to training its troops and preparing them for deployment. The new budget will encourage growth in construction and services at Army bases around the country.

Kidd toured the barracks and motor pools on Fort Hood Thursday, and said even the new increased investment will not be enough to meet all the needs on post.

"Fort Hood is a large installation--it's critical to the success of the Army," Kidd said. "It's going to require continuous investment, whether it's barracks, motor pool, energy systems, it will require continuous investment. We now need to take a look at that backlog of under investment."

Kidd will be part of Friday's ribbon-cutting ceremony on Fort Hood for the largest renewable project in the Army -- the solar and wind farm, which is anticipated to save the Army more than 100 million dollars over the next few decades.