Prairie View Texas A&M ROTC Cadets got to see first hand Thursday what training is like for an Army Battalion.

"I think it's really interesting because all we ever see is field exercises.  Getting to see what actual units in the army are going is really interesting," said Jasmine Briers, MS3 Cadet at the school.  Many have already served in the military.

The battalion showed the cadets a simple training model while out on the range Thursday.

The 61st Battalion says the training is all part of the walk, crawl, run method to get soldiers prepared for deployment and real-life scenarios.

But the training was not just a chance for cadets to observe the Army at work.  The 61st Quartermaster Battalion is also training for their own qualification ahead of live fire exercises in May.

"We never know where we're going to be," said Lieutenant Colonel Michael McBride.  "It's a dangerous world."

2nd Lt. Lucas Tavill of the 61st Quartermaster Battalion said they study doctrine to prepare for the exercise.