A Central Texas man wants help identifying the hero soldier who saved his mother’s life the day before Veterans Day inside a Cracker Barrel.

Lance Boucher, and his mother Anita, were eating breakfast shortly after 11 a.m. Friday at the Cracker Barrel in Harker Heights when Anita’s heart suddenly stopped, and she turned white.

“She was gone,” Lance said. “You could see it in her face. She was gone.”

Anita, 64, has had historically good health and had no known heart conditions. Lance shouted for help.

A man who identified himself as a doctor at Fort Hood’s Darnall Army Medical Center was nearby and performed CPR – saving Anita’s life, so she could be transported to Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights.

As of Saturday morning, Anita remained in the Intensive Care Unit, Seton Medical Center confirmed. Lance said doctors were still trying to determine what happened, but he said they had identified a blockage in her neck.

“She’s in a lot of pain,” Lance said.

But, between time at her bedside, Lance was trying to find the soldier who saved his mom’s life. And, he felt there could not be a better opportunity to recognize the unknown hero than on Veterans Day.

“I didn’t know who he was to tell him thank you,” Lance explained. “I didn’t get his name.”

Michele Johnson, a manager at that Cracker Barrel, was there when the soldier performed CPR. She said her restaurant has been wanting to recognize him, too.

“We would like to extend thanks as well,” Johnson said. “I went running outside and couldn’t find him.”

Lance said even if the unknown doctor did not want recognition, he wanted to express his deep gratitude to the man.

The soldier was described as somewhere between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-10. There were varying accounts regarding his hair color. But, he was described as young and muscular. Not much information to go on in a military town – but bystanders hope someone might know of a military doctor who ate at Cracker Barrel Friday. Johnson said she had never seen him before.

Anita moved to the United States from Germany 35 years ago.

She works 16 hour days -- seven days a week, cleaning houses.

In one particular touching anecdote about Anita, Lance explained how military families sometimes abandon their pets when they are re-stationed. In the past, Anita has found those animals, taken them to get veterinary care, and then found them new homes. He said while she would never take credit for saving the animals, it spoke to the type of woman she was. Now, he hopes he can find the man who saved her.

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