Channel 6 Military Reporter Jillian Angeline is embedded with Fort Hood's 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team at Camp Buehring in Kuwait. On Wednesday, she toured medical facilities where dentists, doctors, psychologists and physical therapists get soldiers back on the battlefield.

At the Buehring physical therapy clinic, Captain Leah Carreno treats a variety of injuries when soldiers are deployed, but the most common are musculoskeletal injuries.

"Especially as soldiers get on the ground, with the terrain out here there's a lot of sand and rocks," Captain Carreno explained. "So, initially we saw a lot of rolled ankles and then as soldiers get into the gym and return to a weightlifting program or they start a new weightlifting program we saw a lot of shoulder and back injuries."

Greywolf's dentist said he tends to keep the spirit light while he works on his patients with music, movies and pearly white smiles.

"We treat the soldiers like they are in a day off. They are not working. They are not in the heat. Let them be in the air conditioning," Captain Jonathan Shaffer, a dentist for the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team said.

The team employs a behavioral health psychologist, who helps the soldiers with any stressors while they are deployed -- offering therapy and preventative classes to make sure they are mentally prepared for the battlefield.

"You see them very depressed and no will to motivate themselves to do things; and then you see them three months later, and they're doing pretty good. Their commanders are giving me the thumbs up that they're doing pretty well, so I think that that's my mission," Captain Fabia Gomez Salas,a brigade psychologist with the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team said.

Captain Salas also works with soldiers when they get home to make sure they know about all the programs Fort Hood has on post.