As III Corps cased the colors Friday evening on Fort Hood, the deployment for 250 Phantom Warriors became official.

With Friday's ceremony in the books, III Corps will join the front lines in the War on Terror in Iraq and Kuwait.

Lt. Gen. Paul Funk shared a message with the soldiers of the III Corps -- a message of hope for the future and determination to defeat ISIS on the battlefield.

For community members in attendance, the Army's casing of the colors never loses its allure and power.

"It always kind of grabs you patriotically," Texas Rep. John Carter (R) said. "That these guys are going back over there. We think it's hot here. I was over in August 4 years ago--130."

As Funk leads the troops into the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, he said America's Hammer is coming for the enemy.

State Representative Scott Cosper was moved by Funk's words.

"It's very inspiring to be here and hear General Funk's comments that he is going to continue the fight against ISIS and they're going to go win the war, defeat ISIS and continue protecting the freedoms," Cosper said.

Funk will command a group of 90,000 troops from 72 countries while overseas.

III Corps will take over the fight from Fort Bragg's 18th Airborne Corps for the next year. This deployment marks the 8th trip overseas for III Corps in its history.

Even the III Corps horse statue will make the trip with the Phantom Warriors.

The colors will be uncased once the division returns to Fort Hood.