III Corps on Fort Hood celebrated its 99th birthday Tuesday with a cake cutting ceremony, which featured Retired III Corps Commanding General Robert Shoemaker and the youngest soldier at Fort Hood, PFC Emmanuel Staples-Bloom.

The ceremony commemorated the rich history of the Phantom Warriors.

The III Corps began in 1918 when the unit served in World War I.

For the past century, the Phantom Warriors' history is filled with both battle and humanitarian work all around the world.

"III Corps as we see from all the campaign streamers over there, they've been in a lot of battles and just being able to continue that on and show America's armored corps is here to stay," Staples-Bloom said.

Lieutenant General Paul Funk said he wants to make the Phantom Warriors the premiere unit in the Army. III Corps soldiers are deployed in all corners of the world. He added Tuesday's celebration represents the kickoff to the 100th anniversary of the Phantom Warriors.