Army veteran Johnathan Baker spends a lot of time fishing the waters at Belton Lake, but he also spent 13 months in Afghanistan.

After seeing so many friends come back with physical and mental scars, Baker wanted to find a way to help.

So, Saturday afternoon Baker brought more than twenty people out to Belton Lake for a catfish tournament. Part of the entry fees were allocated to prize money for the winners. The rest of the proceeds would be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Baker also raffled off a new fishing rod and other items to raise additional money for the cause.

Due to the hot Texas sun and crowded area, there weren't any catches for the record books, but some of the competitors said the event was a success as long as it helps a soldier.

"We all like to go out and fish, but we can do that any day of the week," Jeff McFadden, Moffat resident and Army veteran, said. "But to come out on a day like this and put our money together to help someone, that's what it's all about."

Baker said getting out of the military can be a struggle, especially if the service member is hurt.

"They do a lot of good for people. We don't raise much, but what we can can go for a good cause," Baker said.

The tournament raised nearly $400 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Baker plans to hold additional tournaments for other groups that help veterans in the coming months.