There may not be a weekend at Camp Buehring, but the chapel's doors are open for a variety of services to meet soldier's spiritual needs.

It was a packed house at the Gospel service as Greywolf Brigade Chaplain Aprill Bright addressed the crowd of soldiers and civilians, some in uniform.

Bright said the chaplains can be a pastor to the soldier in the foxhole. And she said it can be difficult for soldiers to be deployed to places like Camp Buehring if they are going through family hardships stateside. Greywolf Brigade chaplain Bright doesn't just provide spiritual nourishment for 3rd Brigade soldiers. Many soldiers go through family hardships thousands of miles away on deployment, like the Puerto Rico National Guard.

"But they still came to church on Sunday. They were looking for hope, they were looking for encouragement, they were looking for something that could keep their minds at peace because they weren't able to get to their loved ones," Bright said.

Chaplain Bright draws on everyday experiences for these gospel messages. During the deployment, there were times where Greywolf soldiers were spread out over nine countries. She offers a universal message.

"Encourage their soldiers wherever they are, it may not be Chaplain Bright but what I represent--there's going to be someone there," Bright said.

She also discussed an "amazing" baptism experience while she was in the Middle East.

"We went to the Jordan river where we did participate in a baptism there. We also went to Mount Nebo where Moses was as well," she said.

It's part of the Care for the Caregiver program.

The profession is a calling, according to Bright. For Captain Michael Hermes, it is too, praying with soldiers and inspiring them, especially as they head further down range for combat.

"To pray over them, to let them know that everything is going to be okay, your are gonna come home, you are gonna do the mission. You are entrusted with the mission," Captain Hermes said.

And as soldiers aim to find a balance between military and spiritual life, the chaplains offer a positive light far from home.