The Comfort Crew's "With You All The Way Tour" in partnership with the USO has quite a footprint, speaking to 150,000 students in 13 countries.  In Killeen Wednesday, Comfort Crew Co-Founder Trevor Romain focused on the theme of empathy during the presentation talking about his own experiences. Romain struggled with dyslexia and ADD as a student.

"I want them to know I was still able to be successful and you know if you are struggling with stuff, we are going to give you some tips and tricks for how to handle those issues growing up, especially if you're in the military," Romain told Channel 6.

Romain and the Comfort Crew helps teach kids life lessons, including giving advice about bullying issues in school.

"Trevor, the USO and this organization has really been supporting the military message in a powerful way, going into schools on and near military bases and talks to kids directly about issues growing up in military families and challenges all kids face and how kids can support each other," said Ronda Englander, Comfort Crew Co-Founder.

Military kids have to get used to relocations and making new friends.  Saegert Elementary School student Kira Hall said she has been to 10 places.

"They say to adapt to the new places, but it's difficult because it changes so fast," said Hall.

Christian White's dad was deployed overseas in the past and he said he really missed him.

"I hadn't seen him in a long time, and it was really sad," said White.

Comfort Crew also gives out kits to military kids like the deployment kit, featuring a fuzzy bear called Cuzzie, gives that name "'cuz he cares".  He's got patches on his body representing the bumps and bruises in everyone's life.

There are 2,100 people on the waitlist to receive kits, and 700 of them are on Fort Hood.