Fort Hood's 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, or Greywolf, worked alongside Fort Bliss' Iron Brigade to get the job done to load and unload combat vehicles at the Port Schuaiba.

Greywolf's vehicles will be taking the long journey home to join the troops at Fort Hood. They played an important role in the mission including supporting Operation Spartan Shield.

"They get unloaded at a number of different ports along the Texas coast and they'll be railed up to Fort Hood, they'll be downloaded at the rail ops center," said Major John Byler.

Then, the armored vehicles will go to the battalion motor pools for recovery operations on Fort Hood.

But first, Greywolf's Major John Byler said it's a 24 hour unloading and loading operation from the moment a vessel arrives to its departure.

It is a busy time for both Greywolf and Iron Brigades, simultaneously taking care of port operations.

"It can get a little difficult but I wouldn't describe it as hard. It's just complicated," said Byler.

Large ships play a huge role in helping the Army exercise its combat power worldwide.

Channel 6 Military Reporter Jillian Angeline got a chance to see the inside one of the massive vessels tasked with transporting the vehicles. Some vehicles are driven off of a back ramp of the ship. Others are hoisted from the top of the ship using cranes. On the top of the deck, a hatch opens to allow vehicles to be pulled from the depths of the vessel as well. These kinds of vessels can hold about 2400 vehicles, almost an entire brigade combat team. The ship held about 90 percent of the 2nd Brigade's combat power.

"We've unloaded virtually everything we packed on the ship is less than 24 hours which kind of shows how expeditionary we can be in any environment, said Major Joseph Paolilli, with Fort Bliss' 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team.

With about 80 soldiers from each brigade tasked to get the unloading and loading operations complete, Major Paolilli says it's about teamwork and a positive attitude to get the job done.

"We had 2 vessels come here. The first vessel showed up 2 or 3 weeks ago before we had anyone on the ground, so when they leave the next week or two, we will help unload the remaining equipment that doesn't make it on the next 2 or 3 vessels."

Byler said he expects Greywolf to complete port operations by the middle of November. Iron Brigade's operations are nearly complete.