U.S. Congressman Roger Williams (R, TX-25) wants to untie the hands of military leaders who have faced spending cuts for years.

Back in 2011, the Budget Control Act imposed mandatory military spending cuts if Congress and the White House failed to agree on budgets cuts that would reduce the deficit. The provision was called sequestration, and it still poses challenges for the military today. In March 2016, military leaders called it the biggest challenge to military readiness.

Congressman Williams recently co-signed a bill that would take the Department of Defense out of sequestration, which is a priority of the Trump administration. Williams said sequestration took roughly a trillion dollars from the military in the last nine years.

"If America is not the strongest player in the world, the world is going to implode," Williams said in an interview with Channel Six Tuesday. "And, we've seen that the last eight years, where enemies didn't fear us and friends didn't trust us. I think now we're changing that. Donald Trump is changing that and says don't mess with us."

Williams supports growing the size of the military, and he advocates for improving facilities at Fort Hood -- including improving the barracks. He said he often discusses the base's needs with Army leaders and is actively working to address them. He added he continues to have great concern for the nation's treatment of veterans and active service members.