On Monday, Fort Hood soldiers began a four-day test to earn the Army's prestigious expert infantrymen badge.

More than 750 soldiers, including those who came from other locations like Fort Benning, participated in the test.

If soldiers do not complete a series of tasks in a limited amount of time, they are out. After intense physical fitness and land navigation portions, the field was narrowed to fewer than 300 soldiers.

The multi-day test includes challenges in three categories: medical, patrolling and weapons. There are 15 stations for each category and a soldier needs to pass 10 of them in order to advance.

On average, only about 10 percent of those who begin testing finish successfully.

"It's prestige," 3rd Cavalry Regiment 1SG Martin Gutierrez said. "Every infantryman should strive to get it just to become an expert at the skill craft. In my opinion, it's very important."

Soldiers who pass the test will receive their badges at a ceremony Friday.