Two Texas soldiers are traveling the world and spreading their Texas pride throughout Europe.

They are part of Battle Group Poland, a new mission over the last couple of years focused on deterring Russian aggression.

1st Lieutenant Osvaldo Jimenez is from New Braunfels, but he's calling Poland home for the next couple of months.

He said he's super proud to be a Texan. "When someone asks where I'm from, I don't say United States, I say Texas," Jimenez said.

He makes sure the soldiers are well-equipped and, in the meantime, he's getting equipped with a life filled with travel.

"It was a fantastic life experience to get to experience another continent. Not many people from the U.S. or even Texas get to venture outside even venture outside of Texas. I'm glad of say I've visited more than 10 different countries," Jimenez said.

Fellow soldier, Staff Sergeant Anthony Quitugua--a medic with the unit--is seeing the world one patient at a time.

He's caring for U.S. soldiers and European soldiers dealing with anything from scrapes and bruises to physical therapy. Quitugua wanted to be overseas, but he's no stranger to Fort Hood's 1st Cavalry Division. He and other U.S. soldiers work closely with soldiers from Croatia, Romania and Great Britain.

"I loved Fort Hood especially with the proximity to home. But I saw the opportunity was available to go back to Germany and to travel more and how many people can say they traveled at my age," he said.

He wears Texas pride on his sleeve.

"Anybody asks you where you're from and they say Texas, they automatically think, they can relate to you," Quitugua said.

The United States is just one part of a multinational effort to deter Russian aggression.