Temple's American Legion Post 133 honored Vietnam Veterans on Friday who were not recognized for their service 50 years ago.

The national commemoration aims to give tribute and pin the 7.2 million living Vietnam Veterans, in addition to families. The veterans served from Nov. 1955 to May 1975.

Three retired military leaders--Retired Lieutenant Generals Paul Funk, Pete Taylor and Don Jones pinned each honored veteran and thanked them for their service.

Marine Corps Sergeant Theodore Winkler was one of them.

"The ones that really thanked me the most were my family members. But very, very few strangers, fellow citizens. And we were just young men doing what we were ordered to do, we didn't agree with everything we had to do but we did it because we love our country," Winkler said.

He said he found out it is never too late to say "thank you".