A local man is missing and police are hoping you can help find him.

Joshua Pendleton, 31, of Lampasas was last seen on September 2nd.

Joshua’s mother, Saylor Hayes, is pleading for her son to contact her and say he is okay. She said he has run off before but never for this long.

“Josh, come home, come home or call me please. I’m worried about you,” Hayes said. “I’m worried about you. I love you, I miss you. I need you home. I need to know you’re okay. I don’t know what else to say.”

Hayes is waiting for an answer. She said he would contact her every three days because he is a momma’s boy.

“He would contact me every three days and say he misses me and he loves me,” Hayes said. “And when it came upon the 4th day, it was like okay, he hasn’t contacted me, there’s something different about this.”

Pendleton travels around Texas and out of state when he is working selling meat door to door. He has gone off before, but usually only for a few days.

“He just runs off to a friend’s house and just hides,” she said.

Joshua was seen September 2, wearing a red shirt, shorts and red vans tennis shoes. He’s 5 foot 8, 160 pounds. His family reported him missing on September 6.

Lampasas Police Department Criminal Investigator Sergeant Charlie Boswell said the search continues for the 31-year-old man.

“We’re just asking him that if he is watching that he contacts the Lampasas Police Department or family member,” Boswell said. “just let us know that he’s alright and then we’ll just move on from there.”

He added, this is not a typical case for the Lampasas police.

“Follow up on any leads, talking to anybody, family members, we talked to the mother, the girlfriend, any friends we might know of…Do you have and leads? No.” he said.

Anyone with information about Joshua’s whereabouts is asked to call Hill Country Area Crime Stoppers at 866-756-8477.