After years of disrepair and mold concerns, some Fort Hood barracks will be getting a makeover.

It is thanks to $145 million in recently approved federal funding.

The worst of the barracks are uninhabited – too moldy with a faulty air conditioning system.

There is mold growing on the ceiling and parts of that ceiling are peeling right off.

Brian Dosa, Fort Hood’s Department of Public Works Directorate told Channel 6 the units will be renovated soon.

Dosa said the majority of the barracks need a facelift. There are 99 barracks buildings on Fort Hood with enough beds to house 15,000 soldiers.

The average age of the barracks is 45-years-old.

Renovations of each building will cost about $9 million and the money will be used to gut the insides since the structures themselves are sound.

Some soldiers are currently living in barracks in only slightly better conditions than the mothballed units.

The mold in those rooms are gone, but many of those units still have air conditioning problems.

“In the future, we would expect mold to reappear, we’ll go take care of it, so we’d never knowingly allow a soldier to live in barracks with mold in it,” Dosa said. “but we know the root cause of the problem is still there and it is going to continue to have these problems if we don’t renovate it.”