Texas Humane Heroes rescued more than 40 dogs from a house fire Friday in Killeen.

The Adoption Center was called for assistance after Killeen Animal Services saw the number of animals living in the residence.

Jenna Gunshinan, Killeen Adoption Center Manager said the animal control officers are just so incredibly thankful they were there and could arrive as fast as they could.

Only two dogs received minor injuries, one suffering from smoke inhalation while the second, a 12-week-old puppy, suffered from burns on its paw pads, nose, and received a cut on its side.

“The second you walk into the building, you can smell the smoke,” Gunshinan said. “Most of the dogs are covered in ash and soot.”

All the dogs are in stable condition with no life-threatening injuries.

“It feels great to be here first hand and help out,” Gunshinan said. “Even with what all the dogs have just been through, they are all sitting in the kennels just wanting to be loved on.”

The dogs are small mixed breed, most being under the age of one. Many of them will be placed into foster homes for various reasons until they are ready for adoption.

There is one nursing mom of two puppies and another female that is pregnant, as well as puppies under 8-weeks-old.

The dogs will be transported to the Leander Adoption Center Friday evening. They will be assessed and given any treatments and preparation needed to become adoption ready.