It was a busy, but bittersweet day on the Baylor campus as parents dropped of their kids to start freshman year.

Baylor’s New President, Linda Livingstone was among the hundreds of volunteers who welcomed more than 3,000 new students to campus.

All students had to do Wednesday morning was pull up and unload. Volunteers took care of the rest.

Livingstone said she was thrilled to help while new students said they appreciate her being there.

“My husband Brad is here as well, welcoming them letting their parents know that we are there for them and being engaged with our students and having time with our students is one of the most important things I can do so doing that on welcome day is a great time,” Livingston said.

Channel 6 spoke with one incoming freshman Landace Bolden who was excited about the move-in.

“I’m so excited to get my journey started. I was so nervous about college but the campus, the friendly staff and students who have been through this before, I know they are going to be very helpful,” Bolden said.

More students will be moving in Thursday.

A record 37 percent of the freshman class are from out of state.

Classes begin Monday.