The first death row inmate execution of 2017 is scheduled to happen Wednesday in Huntsville involving a double manslaughter case from Forth Worth.

Christopher Wilkins was sentenced to death after being convicted of killing two men over a phony drug deal back in 2005.

Police say Wilkins drove a stolen truck to Fort Worth. While there, he made friends with two men, 40-year-old Willie Freeman and 33-year-old Mike Silva. The two men tricked Wilkins to pay $20 for what they said was a rock of crack cocaine but was really a piece of gravel. After Freemon laughed at the scam, Wilkins shot him and his friend court records say.

Their bodies were found in a ditch. Police say not only were Wilkins' fingerprints all over Silva's SUV, but a copy of one of Wilkins' tattoos had been carved into the hood of the vehicle.

When testifying in court Wilkins is quoted to say in his defense, "When I get wound up, I have a fuse that is short. I don't think about what I am doing."

In his trial he also admitted that the previous day he had shot and killed another man in a dispute over a pay phone outside a Fort Worth bar. He then testified a week later he used a stolen car to try and run down two people he believed had stolen his sunglasses.

Wilkins testified that he was aware his decisions were bad but he still makes them.

He is set to receive the lethal injection Wednesday evening after 6 p.m. His lawyers continue to fight for the inmate arguing to the high court that Wilkins had poor legal help at his trial during earlier appeals. But State attorney argue that this is an old defense that has already been rejected by similar appeals