Northbound I-35 lanes in Temple and Troy will close overnight beginning at 7:00 p.m Tuesday.

According to TxDOT, crews will close the old off-ramp at exit 306 to FM 1237/Pendleton Road and open the new off-ramp at exit 308 in its permanent location.

The new exit 308 off-ramp will be about 2.3 miles farther south than the old one, and wills serve both the new crossing south of Troy (Love’s Boulevard) and the FM 935/Main Street crossing in Troy.

TxDOT said drivers needing to access Pendleton Road on the west side of I-35 can use the exit 308, travel north to the new crossing, then turn back south to Pendleton Road.

Drivers will also be able to use exit 303 in Temple, cross over N. Loop 363 and stay on the access road to the 1237/Pendleton Road crossing.

The contractor will begin construction of a temporary off-ramp to replace the exit 306 ramp that is closing. The ramp will be used in the interim between now and the construction of a new permanent exit 306, according to TxDOT. The ramp is expected to be completed or opened by Christmas.

The ramp changes will follow a major overnight switch of northbound mainlane traffic to new pavement from near Spur 290 in Temple to just north of Pendleton Road.

TxDOT stated the temple closure will be a full mainlane closure from Banker Blvd (Exit 303) to N. Loop 363. Traffic will be routed to the access road and return to the mainlanes at a temporary on-ramp just before the Loop.