Beginning September 1, knives including swords and machetes will be legal to carry openly in the state of Texas.

The intent of the law was to create clearer knife laws in the state. However, not everyone is on board with the law.

The bill was authored by representative John Frullo from the Lubbock area and Governor Abbott recently signed it into law.

In the bill, the term illegal knife is replaced with the term location – restricted knife, but as a couple in Temple said, they feel its not necessary with the open carry of firearms already allowed in the state.

That is why representative Hugh Shine said the actual intent was to more clearly outline where knives longer than five and a half inches are illegal.

“A filet knife like you would use for fishing, a hunting knife that you would use for hunting,” Shine said. “In many cases those knives are going to be in a length in excess of more than five-and-a-half inches.”

The locations these knives are now illegal in include schools, churches, hospitals, bars and jails.

Shine said the bill passed the state almost unanimously 131 to one.

The hope is more clarity if knife laws not only among people in Texas, but law enforcement and the court system as well.