While those close to O.J. Simpson might be thrilled with the result, What does the local community think of the decision?

Channel 6 went to a Temple restaurant to find out what our community thought about Simpson being a free man.

It turns out the Temple community is rather forgiving after seeing Simpson in front of the praole board Thursday.

Despite their feelings, it was important that Simpson be treated equally under the law.

Channel 6 Reporter Andrew Moore talked to several customers at Temple’s Back Porch Draft House where all eyes were on the hearing and this is what they said:

“He has done satisfactory while on the inside, then he should be released.” – Killeen Resident Shamika McMillan

“I think he kind of got rail-roaded. 33 years for armed robbery…that’s a long time.” – Albuquerque, New Mexico resident Tracey Godsey

“From everything I’ve seen and read, he did what he should do and he should go.” – Greg Stephens

“He should be in jail for the first thing he got off for. But what he did there, nine years is probably enough.” - Wichita Falls resident Robert Broussard

Here is what a few social media users thought about the result:

Channel 6 Legal Analyst Liz Mitchell said Simpson's previous trial could not be considered and that with no previous felony convictions, he was in a good spot with the Nevada Parole Board.

Mitchell also said Simpson had some factors on his side.

Simpson is reported to have behaved in prison, completed his chores, and even coached a prison sports team.

However, Mitchell wants to make clear that being out on parole and being free are not the same.

"When someone is on parole, they have a parole officer that they regularly check in with," Mitchell said. "They have to maintain employment, they are subject to random drug testing and are required to maintain a stable address."

The Nevada Parole Board told Simpson they take any parole violation very seriously, but now he will get another chance at life as early as October 2017.