In our continuing coverage of the alleged violence taking place at Killeen high schools frustrated parents are now heading online to vent and discuss possible solutions.

Concerned mom Shelly Hewitt started the Facebook page Ignored Voices of KISD to address the districts lack of a response to her and other parents claims about bullies jumping their children, but to also talk about preventative measures. Parents of the supposed victims claim their cries for help to district officials have gone unheard for far too long.

"I've had to initiate every bit of communication since this started. I feel for these parents that are looking for answers and not getting any because I'm right there with them and I'm not getting answers either" says Former Shoemaker High mom Erica Brown.

The page was created last Wednesday and currently has over 200 members. Shelly says she had to do something to help her family and everyone else's in similar situations because the school environment was becoming toxic.

"The environment has been so bad in the three years that I've gotten here it's almost caused my family to split because how can I knowingly leave my child and abandon him here to deal with this day in and day out for the last three years" says Former Shoemaker High mom Shelly Hewitt.

The Facebook page caught the eye of Councilman Gregory Johnson who says he already has two solutions to the school violence problem, one of which involves increasing patrols at area schools before and after school. Johnson says curbing the violence will be difficult but not impossible.

"Folks are quick to tell me kids will be kids but what happens when your child is the victim to this type of activity. It's important that we all work together it needs to be a more affirmative, assertive and positive effort from KISD, the city, community leaders and parents" says Killeen Councilman Gregory Johnson.

We've contacted KISD daily since Wednesday for an interview addressing the fights and have yet to receive one. The district did however recently release a statement to Channel 6 News saying in part that they're launching a school survey where people can provide feedback on various topics including school safety.

They also claim that the survey will be up on the district's website Tuesday morning. We also asked for a statement in response to the Facebook page and didn't hear back. Stick with us tomorrow as we speak to another frustrated parent and continue our push for answers.

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