An online petition and GoFundMe account has been created calling for the release of an Italian mastiff named 'Moose.'

On the GoFundMe page, owner Tony DiLillo states Moose went missing on May 22. DiLillo said he received a call on June 10 that his dog was captured and needed to go to the shelter to visit with the animal control officer.

DiLillo continued, "I was told (Moose) was aggressive towards a lady whose property he had taken shelter at, as well as towards animal control when they went to pick him up."

Moose has been ordered to be 'humanely euthanized', according to Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez.

Moose's owner has since made an attempt to file an appeal, which is still under review, according to Miramontez.

Miramontez said this was not the first incident involving the Italian mastiff. She added Moose's owner was previously charged with animal at large in 2014 after Moose bit and hospitalized a female.

Because of the dog's history, the allegations of dangerous and nuisance were filed in Killeen's municipal court, Miramontez told Channel 6.

On June 26, 2017 a court hearing was held and Moose was found to be dangerous and a nuisance because of repeated violations of aggressiveness.

"Despite his aggressiveness, the dog has been maintained at the shelter and continues to act aggressively towards staff who are trying to care for him," Miramontez said.

A Facebook page has also been set up named "Help save Moose the Dog" in efforts to promote the petition and GoFundMe fundraiser.

DiLillo said on the GoFundMe fundraiser he needs $1,000 for the fine and another $2,000 to hire a lawyer to help fight the case.

The GoFundMe has raised $1,040 of its $3,500 goal thus far, and the petition has gathered 12,474 supporters out of the 15,000 goal in nearly two weeks.