A dog named Moose in Killeen has attracted the attention of people all over Central Texas.

Moose is a Cane Corso Mastiff who is set to be put down at the Killeen Animal Shelter for dangerous behavior.

The outcry on social media centers around the idea that Moose is not getting a fair chance. However, Moose’s owner, Tony DiLillo admits the five-year-old dog is protective, but he is hoping for a better solution than putting him down.

DiLillo is hoping to find a no-kill shelter or a sanctuary before a court hearing Friday.

“It’s my baby boy and I don’t want him to suffer,” he said.

He is hoping the public can help him find a sanctuary somewhere like Oklahoma or Missouri.

Moose was loose for several weeks before the animal shelter found him.

“I honestly don’t remember whether I left the gate open or he got out somehow,” DiLillo said. “but he got out and I wasn’t able to find him.”

He cannot just go and pick up moose because of the dog’s past violent behavior. He said he wants to get Moose an animal behaviorist.

“I don’t think he should be put down for something that I did,” he said. “So, let’s get him in a heavy-duty board and train program where someone can work with him at a sanctuary or something like that.”

Moose continues to act viciously toward staff who are caring for him, according to the Ofelia Miramontez, Killeen Animal Shelter Spokesperson.

“Dog’s owner was previously charged with Animal at Large in 2014 where the dog had bitten a female hospitalizing her,” Miramontez said. “Because of the history, the allegations of dangerous and nuisance were filed in Killeen’s municipal court.”

Despite the allegations, DiLillo still sees Moose as one of his own.

“Moose does excellent with me, my family, my four-year-old son plays catch with him and stuff, takes the ball out of his hand,” he said.

A Facebook page has also been set up named "Help save Moose the Dog" in efforts to promote the petition and GoFundMe fundraiser.

Click here to go to the GoFundMe.