A Nolanville girl facing a life-threatening condition was recognized by the Central Texas School for the Performing Arts Wednesday night.

Nine-year-old Elaina Castillia suffers from several illnesses that will eventually cause her to pass away. Her family created a bucket list of fun adventures they can enjoy together before time runs out.

Moved by their story, the school stepped in to make sure Elaina enjoys all life has to offer.

A showing of love and unity at the school as dozens of people gathered to celebrate Elaina Castillia.

Elaiana was adopted by her grandmother out of an abusive home. She is blind, has cerebral palsy and scoliosis which will eventually cause her to fold completely in half and pass away.

Wednesday night, she got to take a break from reality and just be a kid.

Students at the school performed original songs and skits for Elaina. She was even presented with a signed poster and an honorary diploma.

The performers left inspired.

Performer Clare Palmer said she think she is amazing I think she’s so powerful inside and I think she’s so bright.

“I just hope she takes away happiness and joy and we were able to give her happiness and joy by showcasing our talents here at the school,” Performer Justin Everett said.

While the school’s director, Daniel Chapin hopes his students take away the bigger message.

“A lot of our youth are around her age and it was kind of a wakeup call like that could be them,” Chapin said. “but they were also inspired by her and wanted to give back to her because it made them appreciate the life that they actually have.”

Elaina’s family said they are overwhelmed by the kind gesture and moved by the amount of people rooting for them. Her grandmother, Beck Villarreal said to her, it is a fairytale.

“You read about it and it never happens to you but this one’s happing to Elaina,” she said. “so I’m just blessed I’m so blessed because it’s just so many people who don’t know her want to know her and want to be part of her life.”

So, while Elaina’s days may be numbered the amount of love and support she has behind her is beyond measure.

The school will be holding another event for Elaina on June 20th.