Planned Parenthood has restored abortion services in Waco.

In 2013, House Bill 2 was passed and blocked the nonprofit from providing abortions in most of Texas. The abortion restriction law closed abortion clinics in all but six of the state's cities.

"This created unnecessary and dangerous obstacles for women seeking safe, legal abortion, causing women to have to drive hundreds of miles and to delay care," Planned Parenthood wrote in a statement.

In June 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court shot down key parts of HB 2 and caused Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas to begin working to restore abortion services in Waco. The organization has since finished acquiring state licenses, hiring staff and making updates to its center. Planned Parenthood officially confirmed Tuesday that abortions are now available at the Audre Rapoport Women's Health Center on Ross Avenue in Waco.

In a long statement Tuesday, Pro-life Waco said it had "substantial plans" for May and June to stand up to Planned Parenthood for what the group described as "the brutal treatment of preborn babies in mid-size cities in Texas."

Since January, Pro-Life Waco has written letters, bought anti-abortion billboards, held rallies and posted yard signs in an attempt to stop abortions statewide and beyond.

"At this point, we will challenge Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas with the hope and prayer that PPGT will one day shut down their killing center in Waco -- as they did in 2013," Pro-life Waco Director John Pisciotta said. "We will stand shoulder to shoulder to end abortion in Waco. That would be a big victory."