Police have released new information about a suspected murder-suicide involving a same-sex couple in Lampasas.

In a phone call Tuesday, Lampasas Assistant Police Chief Jody Cummings said investigators recently met with both families and reviewed evidence that leads them to believe they know what happened.

Based on the initial investigation, Cummings said police think Deborah Chance, 47, shot her wife Millie Chance, 24, after Millie asked for a divorce.

Police analyzed a recorded 911 call made last Thursday and determined Millie's voice said the words "she's got a gun" and "my wife, I told her I wanted a divorce" before the call abruptly ended. Following the emergency call, police rushed to the couple's home at 702 West North Avenue in Lampasas and heard a woman inside screaming for help.

Before officers managed to barge inside, two gunshots were heard seconds apart. With the help of Lampasas County Sheriff's deputies and a Texas Highway Patrolman, police forced their way through the front door.

Inside, Cummings said they found Millie still alive but critically wounded with a gunshot wound to the back of her head -- leading them to believe she was shot from behind. Deborah was already dead, Cummings said, but her gunshot wound was to her forehead -- supporting the police theory she took her own life. A 9 millimeter Glock was found next to Deborah's body, Cummings added.

No prior calls were ever made from the couple's home, police said. As of Tuesday afternoon, they believed the situation was an isolated domestic disturbance that ended tragically. Both families expressed surprise when they heard about the shooting, Cummings said, and neither family said they knew of a problem in the marriage.

Millie and Deborah had only lived in the house since the end of January, according to police.

The suspected murder-suicide was rare for Lampasas. Though there have been a few deadly child abuse cases, the last known adult murdering another adult case in Lampasas was in 1991, according to Cummings.

Autopsies for both women could take six to eight weeks.

The Texas Rangers are assisting Lampasas Police with the investigation, which is ongoing.

Millie was a member of the Burnet County Sheriff's Office, which posted a condolence message on Facebook.