Employees at a Temple Subway were shaken up after a police impersonator walked into their store with a fake badge.

Last Tuesday, employees at the N 29th Street Subway restaurant said the man got in line and began acting strangely, displaying a phony badge and telling employees and customers that he was a police officer.

"He immediately got in line and started asking them if they called the cops and said that he was a cop and displayed his badge and put it back on his belt," Subway Manager Benjamin McNabb said.

Employees were not sure if the man was trying to rob them, or what his intentions were, but they grew concerned about his fishy behavior. By coincidence, a legitimate officer with the Florence Police Department happened to be in line, too.

The real officer asked the fake one to show his credentials. According to a police report, the impersonator just smiled and winked at the legitimate officer, who called Temple Police. The impersonator was subsequently arrested for false identification as a peace officer and taken to the Bell County Jail. He was later identified as Orin Leon, 29.

"If you see someone walking up to you and they're presenting a badge and you're a little suspicious about who they are, you can ask to see other credentials such as an identification card," Temple Police Spokesperson Shawana Neely said.

Neely said it was important to be able to distinguish between real and fake officers. And, it is always okay to request a uniformed officer to come to the scene, if you are ever unsure. Additionally, if you believe a phony officer is trying to pull you over in an unmarked car, you should call 911, and explain the situation. The dispatcher will be able to verify the identity of the officer.