Texas Congressman Bill Flores says he's offended by Donald Trumps latest comments about groping women but is joining Senator Ted Cruz and endorsing Trump anyway. The two politicians were together in Waco Wednesday morning for a Chamber of Commerce luncheon at McLane Stadium.

Around 100 people turned out to hear from Cruz and Flores in the panel discussion about jobs and the economy. However, when Congressman Flores spoke with Channel 6 News after the event the conversation moved to the divided Republican Party and Donald Trump.

"I'm going to vote for Trump and I still endorse him, I disapprove wholeheartedly of the things he said, he's got a filthy mouth. I don't want the women in my life exposed to that kind of trash" says Congressman Flores.

However Flores also said Hillary Clinton's done far worse and that now is not the time for the Republican Party to start dropping support for their candidate.

"Republicans need to think about the solution they want to see after the election and which candidate at the top of the ballot can help us achieve that solution, clearly there's only one choice and that's Donald Trump" says Flores.

Senator Cruz avoided mentioning Trump all together at the luncheon. Earlier in the week he did say though that he will continue to support Trump despite his latest comments. Cruz used the luncheon instead to talk with Flores and the Waco community about infrastructure, jobs and the economy.

"That money needs to come back to Texas to let Texans decide where their needs are. We need to have Texans driving the policies that will create economic growth and opportunity" says Senator Cruz.

In the end both politicians say there is still a lot of work to be done to improve the nation and Waco as well.

"Tax reform, healthcare reform and economic reform. We need to come up with a new solution to address poverty we still have a poverty issue in this community and we need to get our arms around this" says Congressman Flores.

Flores went on to say that with a united Republican Party they can begin to tackle some of the problems they talked about in the panel like creating jobs, healthcare and reversing the nations debt.