If you play the lottery, you probably already know the Powerball has a record jackpot Wednesday night.

At $700 million, it is the second largest lottery jackpot in history and Central Texans are lining up to take part.

CEFCO at I-35 and Sun Valley Road said they have sold more than five times the normal amount of Powerball tickets and they said they’re expecting their sales to double.

How much money is $700 million?

  • If stacked up, it would tower over not only the statue of liberty, but the empire state building
  • It can stretch from the nation’s capital past Baltimore, Maryland going for almost 50 miles.

The only lottery payout larger than this one was the Powerball in January of 2016 which paid $1.6 billion among three winners.

Wednesday’s drawing is attracting people who don’t normally play the lottery who want their shot at $700 million.

“Why not? Gotta take a chance when it’s that much money,” Mark Schneider said.

Powerball ticket purchaser Larry Mynar said he plays very little.

“I just seen that it was a lot of money so I figured I’d try to get some,” Mynar said.

So as millions of Americans buy their two-shot at hundreds of millions.

Have you bought your ticket yet?