Tensions were high on the Baylor University campus this afternoon as anti-Trump protests were met with a counter demonstration from Trump supporters.

Sierra Smith was one the event organizers, she tells me the demonstration is not necessarily in protest of trump, but the culture that his victory brings with it.

"I think a lot of people are scared as a result of this election. I think trump supporters have show a lot of negative actions and thoughts toward specific students" she said

At one point it looked as if the face off would escalate, but after calls for an open dialogue, representatives from both groups would meet in the middle for a public discussion.

For Trump supporters, the protests only served to further divide a nation that is already at odds.

"My issue is the election is over. And although its unfortunate for them their candidate didn't win. These demonstrations are not going to help us come together." said Connor Price an outspoken trump proponent.

But protesters on the other side of the line say, the demonstration was simply a way to express their frustrations.

"People feel scared. People feel isolated I think this way those people can get their voices heard."

It was a situation, that Trump proponents were worried could escalate into something more serious.

"They are well within their rights and thank god we live in a country where they can do this but I just don't want to see it turn into violence, and hatred"

But despite their difference of opinion, the protest remained peaceful, and the demonstration ended as both sides gathered in a prayer circle and then dispersed into the night.