Copperas Cove Police are warning residents that animals in the area may have been exposed to rabies. Animal Control Officers were called to the 1900 block of Wayne Street on September 5th to check on a raccoon that made its way into a home's front yard and laid down near the house. The animal's body was sent away for testing and came back positive for rabies.

Animal Control is asking people not to interact with wild animals and to take steps to safeguard the outside of their homes by doing things such as covering garage cans and not leaving pet food and/or water dishes outside. They're asking anyone who thinks that they, or an animal they know that may have had contact with a raccoon or other wild animals in the area to call Copperas Cove Animal Control at (254) 547-5584.

Signs of rabies infections in people include fever, headaches, breathing difficulties and more. Signs of rabies in pets include erratic behavior, sensitivity to light and aggression.