New details continue to emerge after local teenagers took footage of themselves mutilating a dog's body, then posted it to Snapchat.

Despite possible tampering, Channel 6 found what's left of the dog's remains in a Bosqueville field near Lindsey Lane Tuesday where authorities said the dog's corpse was defiled.

Popping-up from the dirt was a set of animal bones, with skin and blonde fur still attached.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara confirmed, the bones were in the same spot his deputies found shell casings and other evidence of the mutilation the day before. He said the bones no doubt belonged to the dog in question.

The plowing may have broken some of the bones, but parts of the carcass were still poking-out of the soil Tuesday afternoon.

The footage, which has caused public outrage, was posted to the Snapchat account of Zachary Molina, 18, of Hewitt, the son of a Waco Police officer.

After re-interviewing suspects and witnesses Monday, detectives interviewed 'someone new' Tuesday who may know more about what happened to the animal.

While charges have yet to be filed, Sheriff McNamara told Channel 6 'we're not letting up.'

"It's just a very bad situation," said McNamara. "They depend on us, they depend on us for food, shelter, basically their life, and most everyone has a soft spot in their heart for a dog, especially."