The "Remembering Our Fallen" traveling exhibit is available for viewing at the Killeen Convention Center from Friday to Sunday. The exhibit will be open to the public from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Volunteers from community veteran organizations such as the local Chapter of the Women's Army Corps Veterans Association will volunteer shifts throughout the weekend to welcome visitors to the exhibit.

Each board has the names, pictures, and ages of Texas soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice while fighting in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 16 years -- some troops as young as 19-years-old.

Visitors will see stories of the soldiers of the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for the freedoms everyone is blessed with today.

Among those stories is Belton's own, 2nd Lt. Emily Perez.

Perez was killed by an I.E.D. two weeks before she was supposed to return home.

"2nd Lt. Emily Perez was the first cadet to make Sergeant Major at the West Point Academy," Adrienne Evans-Quickley, President of the Women's Army Corps VA Chapter 94, said. "First ever female to make that rank at the Academy. She has become the legacy of women who have served after her."

Perez is one of many stories visitors will see as they walk through the exhibit.

Throughout the exhibit, there are notes hanging by the pictures of the soldiers--from mom, brother, and sisters. The memories of their loved ones live on.

"To write a note, I miss you dad, something like that, they can take a clip and attach it to the picture," Women's Army Corps VA member Georgiana Cleverley said.

Soldiers from the greatest generation paid homage to the fallen, as well.

Retired Lt. Col. Orlando Walter Wood flew bomber planes in China during World War II.

"Cause this is history. I need to see what's here. It's important to know," Lt. Col. Wood said.

Volunteers and the Women's Army Corps president said the weekend event is a moment for them to give back to brothers and sisters in arms.

Crawford Bowers Funeral Home is sponsoring the event.