The City of Belton addressed growing concerns over its new traffic circle, which will open in the next month and a half.

The roundabout is a traffic concept many Central Texans are worried about due to unfamiliarity.

Belton's traffic circle is one lane at the intersection of Sparta Road and Commerce Road. The intent of the traffic circle is to connect retail areas with the industrial park and Belton High School.

City spokesman Paul Romer said the city reviewed studies which show a roundabout would handle large amounts of traffic quicker and safer.

As the opening of the roundabout nears, residents who are unsure of how to use the traffic circle are speaking out. Romer said finding answers to the public's questions is a key priority.

"Any concerns that we've heard, we believe will be resolved once people use the roundabout," Romer said.

Channel 6 spoke with the Waco Police Department about the impact the traffic circle on Valley Mills Drive made on the community. The department told Channel 6 it has seen fewer accidents at the Valley Mills roundabout than some of Waco's less populated intersections. The traffic circle seems to be working, police said.

Belton's traffic circle is expected to open by October.