Jerry Snider with All in Health and Wellness, will be starting his month-long journey of running every street in Hewitt on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

Snider said his goal is to run all streets within the City of Hewitt and raise enough money for approximately 250 new books for the Hewitt Public Library.

"We are hoping that local businesses and citizens of Hewitt will join in by donating funds but also by following me around the city until every road has been covered," Snider said.

All in With Jerry: Running for Readers, was created to raise money to expand the business book selection at the City of Hewitt Public Library. From October 4th through November 4th, Jerry Snider plans to run down every street in Hewitt at least once with a goal of raising 1 book per street completed. On November 4th, we will celebrate Jerry’s successful runs and fundraising efforts at Hewitt Park.

“The goal of course is to replicate the successes and not the failures," he said.

As a business-entrepreneur, Jerry has learned that a big key to success in the business world, is learning from other's successes and failures. He has found one of the best ways to research and learn from successful people is to read books about their successes. He started a list of the "best business books” to read as recommended by successful business people. The current list stands at more than 50 books.

Moreover, buying books takes a little bit of money. Jerry turned to the local the City of Hewitt Public Library to find the books. He was saddened to find only a handful of the books on the list were available at the library. Thus, Jerry partnered with the City of Hewitt and All in With Jerry: Running for Readers was born.

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