There’s a new trick by scammers who call to fix your computer. It worked on David Schaake of Gerogetown. Now he's out $1,018.18.

“Somebody has to follow it through from start to finish,” said Schaake, since the popular online payment service PayPal won’t. Schaake says it processed the payment to the scammer. Schaake let the scammer remote-control his computer to make updates and insists the scammer clicked the pay button.

“He was moving so fast that I did not even have an opportunity to think,” said Schaake. “When we originally called PayPal to let them know what happened they really didn't care about us.”

Schaake has been trying to get PayPal to do something since March 17th. The company website says it has sole discretion about whether a purchase is protected. PayPal would not issue a statement on the matter until it looks into it further.

“I would just like to see this not happen,” said Schaake. “I feel like such a victim.”


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