Sexual assault is a threat in any community – big or small, but the Lampasas Police Department is making sure that local women are prepared to defend themselves if they were to be attacked.

Around 7,000 residents live in Lampasas, but their police chief tells Channel 6 they have all the problems of a major city, just on a smaller scale.

When several women in Lampasas told the police department they need more opportunities for self-defense classes, the department made it happen.

On Saturday morning, more than a dozen women came out to practice self-defense with RAD (Rape Defense Systems).

The trainer came all the way from San Antonio to provide the four-hour course which would go over both situational awareness and physical techniques.

The women were taught to strike properly, how to defend from punches, and how to get out of holds and chokes.

Some in the class were new to self-defense training, but other just wanted a refresh course.

Iidiko Curtis said she has been attacked several times throughout her life, but the confidence that training provides has saved both her and her daughter.

“When I was attacked as a nursing student I was able to fight off the attackers, there was two of them,” she said. “I am not going to give in to fear, I am immediately going to come out angry, all my might, everything that is in me and all the violence that I can produce.”

The Lampasas Police Department has also held a self-defense course for kids recently.

They plan to have RAD trainers return in August for a longer rape-defense course.

Many of the women said the most important part of the training is the confidence it gives them in themselves.