Another emotional day in the trial of Dallas Bandido leader Jake Carrizal wrapped up Monday after the defense began presenting its case.

Carrizal faces charges of engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of murder, engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of aggravated assault, and a charge of directing the activities of a criminal street gang for his alleged involvement in the 2015 Twin Peaks Biker shootout that left nine people dead.

The defense began by asking for Carrizal's charges to be dropped, saying the state was withholding evidence. That request was denied by the judge. But, Carrizal's defense attorney Casie Gotro fired back calling the state's behavior during the case both "unethical" and "criminal." There was then a 45 minute recess following that argument to allow the defense to review new materials.

A handful of witnesses took the stand when court resumed, including undercover Waco PD Detective Jeff Rogers. Rogers responded to the shooting that day and described it as chaotic, saying he wasn't expecting a shootout.

Next was John Bridgeman, a member of Soldiers for Jesus motorcycle club, who wore a prayer patch for the Bandidos. When the state asked if the patch meant Bridgeman was in support of the Bandidos, Bridgeman said no. He said it only showed he was praying from them. Bridgeman went on to say he prays for everybody, and also claimed he stopped wearing the 'Pray for Bandidos' patch claiming it became a status symbol.

Later in the day we heard from Yvonne Reeves the mother of a biker who was killed at Twin Peaks during the shootout. She gave very emotional testimony often crying and having to take time to collect herself. She says she was supposed to be at Twin Peaks for the biker meeting that day but was running late. Reeves' husband Owen, however, who was a member of the Cossacks at the time, was at Twin Peaks that day as well as their son Richard. Reeves said her husband called her during the shootout to explain what happened.

"My husband called me," she said through tears on the stand. "He called me in the parking lot and told me a Bandido shot my son and that's all he said."

She went on to say her husband Owen was beat up during the shootout and rushed to the hospital.

She also says Owen was a member of the Aryan circle while he was in prison, and claimed he was no longer affiliated with the Cossacks.

Court will resume Tuesday morning at 9 am.

Watch today's proceedings below.

There are long portions of color bars (without video or audio) when the judge ordered the camera off during Undercover Detective Jeff Rogers' testimony. You can read reporter Emani Payne's tweets by clicking here.