The Twin Peaks trial barely got started Wednesday before the judge decided to postpone it until Monday, November 6.

The move came after the Defense for Bandido Christopher Jake Carrizal filed a motion to delay, saying they had just received new evidence and needed time to review it.

Defense Attorney Casie Gotro told 54th District Judge Matt Johnson that prosecutors handed her a new recording released by the Waco City attorney on Wednesday. She said there are people on the recording who are not clearly identified. Gotro said she recognized one as a police officer, but she needs to know who the second person is on the recording.

Gotro claims the statements are inconsistant with what the states theory has been during the trial.

Judge Matt Johnson granted Gotro's motion which delayed the trial until Monday, November 6, at 9:00 a.m. The judge apologized to the jury for having to extend the trial beyond what he told them earlier this week.

"I am sincerely sorry for the delay,” 54th District Court Judge Matt Johnson said. “It’s unavoidable. It happens at times during trials, and so we have to make sure the trial is tried correctly and in accordance with all the rules.”

Judge Matt Johnson ordered the City of Waco to identify the voices on the tape. He also placed a protective order on the identity of the individuals in the audio recording