During day two of jury selection Tuesday in the first Twin Peaks trial of Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal, 54th District Court Judge Matt Johnson ordered two men out of the potential jury pool after three potential jurors came forward and said they felt the men were trying to influence their decision in the case.

The judge called all three potential jurors to the stand Tuesday morning. One said he felt uncomfortable when he was asked by one of the two men which attorney he liked best. The man also allegedly told another potential juror that he did not like McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna and favored Defense Attorney Casie Gotro.

Both men said they had an interest in the case and were just in court as spectators -- not representatives of either side. The McLennan County Sheriff's Office, however, is investigating those claims.

If they return to the courthouse, they will be fined $500 and could face six months in jail, according to Judge Johnson.