WACO, Texas - A Waco man is claiming he is being forced out of his home because he complained too much about a roof leak.

He said the roof has been leaking over his kids’ bedroom since the spring and he can’t get the property manager to fix it – despite a city inspection that found multiple violations.

Eddy Rosado said for the stability of his children, he wants to stay in his home.

Rosado said since he contacted the city about his roof, he feels the property owners are trying to retaliate.

On June 24, Eddie Rosado took video of his roof leaking inside his kids’ bedroom. The single dad said he had been asking management at Bentwood Properties for five months to fix the problem with no success.

Channel 6 reached out to Bentwood Properties for answers.

The company sent an email claiming they fixed the roof on June 15. However, after Rosado called the city to complain, they sent a code inspector on July 13. The inspector found eight housing violations, including leaks on the roof.

Holes could clearly be seen on the roof Tuesday night.

Rosado is being asked to leave after coming home Monday night to find a 30-day notice of non-renewal letter waiting for him.

“They’re tying a bow on it, smiles and waves,” Rosado said. “In reality what it is, is that I called the city on them, now they have to pay for repairs and I’m sure they are just sick and tired of me showing up to their office and want to get rid of me.”

He said every single month of his rent was paid on time or early.

Brentwood Properties said it is their policy not to discuss tenant issues with the public.

Rosado said this is all just a big inconvenience for him and his family.