Discussion continued Tuesday night over whether or not a new landfill would be coming to Waco and, if so, where it will be located. The city hosted a two hour public meeting at the Bledsoe Miller Community Center to address concerns. But, several attendees said they walked away from the gathering with more questions than answers.

"We just really have to take a solid look at how we can do this and not endanger our children's lives" said Mary Duty, a well-known Waco business owner and active figure in local politics, who attended the meeting.

The controversy started when the city proposed the landfill be installed near the city's current landfill off Highway 84. People in the area felt like one was enough and questioned the safety of such an expansion. They then formed a group called Citizens Against the Highway 84 landfill and said they left Tuesday's meeting disappointed.

"People expected to come here and have their voices heard, but this is all the city talking no one is listening. I think that's going to make more people frustrated in the fact that this is not what we thought it was gonna be," said Brad Holland, chair of the Citizens Against the Highway 84 Landfill group.

In the room of more than 50 community members, it proved difficult to find a person who was in favor of the new landfill. Waco Councilman Jim Holmes raised his own concerns about the possible location.

"Environmental reasons, economic reasons, city planning reasons I mean there's a lot of logic in choosing an alternative site," Holmes said.

The city said the current landfill has about seven years of life left and planning for the new site now will prevent future complications. City officials also addressed health concerns.

"The best practices we do to control the odor is to cover the trash everyday. We don't take used motor oil, we don't take industrial waste, we don't take hazardous waste," said Waco's Solid Waste Manager Anna Dunbar.

The majority of attendees said they hoped to see something more substantial in the coming days.

"At some point in our lives we're going to have to stop digging a big hole and putting stuff in it," Duty said.

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