Football can be a positive influence in any kid’s life, but it can also be an expensive sport that some can’t afford.

This year, a Killeen business is stepping up to let kids play for free.

The Soldier Up Invincible Sports Academy based in Killeen is generally a for-profit business, but this year they have created a free football program for kids four through 13 and they are still accepting kids from all across the city.

The team is called the Devastators, but for these kids the experience is quite the opposite.

The group focuses on strength and speed training, cardio, and basic football drills.

The team’s mission is to give kids the skills, and confidence they need to one day compete at a higher level.

Playing on the team is completely free, but parents are encouraged to at least help with the cost of the gear.

Devastators Assistant Coach Matthew Pelillo said getting your kid involved now will help them both on the field and off.

“[we're] Helping them, coaching them for their dreams instead of them hanging out on the streets and the sidewalk,” Pelillo said.

Soldier Up owner and Devastators head coach Neal Sanders said once you give a kid the confidence that he can live his dream, it will motivate him in other areas of life too.

“You just inspired him and then you give him the opportunity to do the work,” Sanders said.

There are around 60 kids in the program now, but they want to bring in up to 150.

Signup is until August 27 and the first game is in September.

Click here to get your kids registered for the program or call 1 877 425 3847.

If you would like to volunteer as a coach, email