What used to be one of the main entries into downtown Temple is now closed. The Central Avenue Overpass is now closed off to drivers as officials say this is necessary to continue the I-35 construction in the area and will work on both the Central Avenue Overpass and West Adams bridge simultaneously.

For people looking to enter and exit the downtown area on the Westside, this is still possible as West Adams Avenue will become a two way street, and by diverting traffic to airport road. People will be able to get back onto West Adams Avenue heading West out of downtown temple by taking a side road such as North 43rd Street. Officials say the closure will continue until the end of the year and understand this will cause a major headache for some which rely on the overpass heavily. They've asked people to allow for extra time coming and going using the West Adams Avenue Overpass or ask people to look for alternatives such as HK Dodgen Loop 2 miles away.