Texas students take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test every year.

State educators are launching a new report card based on the STAAR test to better inform parents on how their child is learning in school.

The Commissioner of Education visited Waco Friday to explain how the new initiative works and how to access it. The new website allows parents to log in and access student specific resources such as: how well their child performed on the STAAR test, how he or she progressed from the previous school year, what reading level their child is on, and view the new STAAR performance labels for their child.

As opposed to the old version of the report card, the newer one has been geared to be more understandable and "parent friendly."

"What I want for the parents of Texas is the same thing I want for my own kids," Mike Mirath, Commissioner of Education, said. "I want to be empowered and have as much information as I can to support their academic growth, and we want to make sure we equip our parents to give them as much information as possible."

Parents of students third through eighth grade will be able to view the actual STAAR questions along with their child's answer to those questions.

Waco ISD Superintendent Marcus Nelson approves of the new website.

"I really applaud commissioners vision and his passion for really challenging public school districts to engage parents as partners in this process," Nelson said. "We only get a few years to work with these children and we want to make the most of it."

The new report card will be live on June 30.