With Cyber Monday tomorrow, millions of packages will soon be out for deliver.

But there's ben an increase in the number of packages being stolen from people's front porches. UPS is expected to deliver more than 700 million packages by the end of December.

In a new survey from Nextdoor, a social networking site, researchers found 42 percent of people report having a package stolen.

Around Halloween, Temple Police warned about an uptick in packages being stolen in Temple.

At that, five neighborhoods in South Temple were affected. Most of the thefts occurred between noon and 3 p.m.

Tips from police to prevent package theft are to have your packages delivered to your office or a neighbor who's home. You can also request a signature confirmation upon delivery or ask USPS to hold your mail should you leave town for an extended period of time.

When we spoke with Temple Police a few weeks back, they said they're trying to curb the problem.

"Yes, we are on the lookout for these people," Officer Joe Thomas said. "The media release, the whole purpose behind it was to get the community involved so they can pay attention to who's driving through their neighborhoods, who's looking at their houses, who's walking up to their houses."

The Nextdoor app is also available for free for both iPhone and Android. The app says more than 100 thousand neighborhoods are using it to warn neighbors about so-called, "Porch Pirates."

Police do ask, though, that if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, you give them a call as well.